Via Mazzini Golden Metal Thigh Chain for Women and Girls

When you invest in a leg chain, you are investing in your fashion sense. This trend is sure to catch on quick, but you can be ahead of the game. You can turn heads, invoke jealousy, and prompt fashionistas to turn to you for advice.



  • Inspired by the style of Vanessa Hudgens and Lindsay Lohan
  • Colour : Golden
  • Design : 2 layers
  • Ways To Wear : You could dress up jean shorts and a plain t-shirt with a leg chain. It adds a bit of sparkle on a summer day as your legs are already glistening in the sun. Or you can wear one with a short skirt to dress up a party dress. You can even wear a leg chain under a long dress with a side cut for a peek-a-boo effect with pizzazz.
  • Comes as Single Piece Only